The following are what I consider to be the best pieces in my Graphic Design work:

Click on the thumbnails below for the full image or view the PDF version: Kevin Connaughton Portfolio (the PDF contains Design, Art, and Illustrative works, is done as a themed layout for print purposes, and has a graphic synopsis of my resume).

In-House Design (professional projects):

Postcard Design, Poster Design, Photography, Advertisement Design, Layout Design, Image Editing, Logo Design, Flyer Design-

Card Design (professional projects):

Image Editing, Layout Design, Traditional and Digital Illustration

Advertisement Design (professional projects):

Illustration, Layout Design, Image Editing (for print and digital)-

Promotional Designs (professional projects):

Layout Design (only covers shown), Image Editing –

Brand Design (professional projects):

Packaging, Signage, Logo, Advertising and Tee-Shirt Design-

Bus Stop Advertisement Design (personal project):

( Posters) Layout Design, Image Editing-

Logo Design (professional projects):


Image Editing  (professional and personal projects):

Image Editing projects-

Game/Package Design (personal project):

Package Design, Game/Puzzle Design, Image Editing-


Thank you for reviewing my work!






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