For Saint Cecilia (Mike Ness)

I am working on a new piece, For Saint Cecilia.  Currently, it is only in the digital form but the Graphite Drawing (what is right now the black and white photo) is underway.  This one is going to be a challenge.  It’s finished size is set to be 30″ x 18″, so the Graphite drawing will be larger than I usually work.  The other challenge, I am doing a known person, Mike Ness (of the band Social Distortion, for those that don’t know).  In the other pieces for this series, the subjects are anonymous.  I know who they are, but they are not recognizable to the general public and I usually slightly change features so it does not look exactly like the person.  The visual stories I am telling are true to these people and not always aspects of their life that they want public.  In this case, Mike Ness and his recovery/addiction story is available through public media.  So, in using him, the graphite drawing needs to be on-point.

In other words, this one will take me awhile.

Anywho, here is the digital version/mock-up.  When I finish the graphite, collage, mixed media version; I will post it.

For St. Cecilia

For St. Cecilia

UPDATE: here is the finished version –

For St. Cecilia, Patron Saint of Musicians

For St. Cecilia, Patron Saint of Musicians


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