Fake Zappos Magazine Ad

For a class project, we had to re-design an existing ad that we felt was poorly done.  I chose a Zappos ad.  This one:

Bad Zappos Ad

Bad Zappos Advertisement

We still had to maintain some of the original elements if we felt/thought they might be stylistic guidelines for the product/advertisement.  The re-designs only had to be in Comp form, so my versions are still a little rough around the edges.  I produced 3 comps (above), and it was a struggle.  I am still unsure of these comps.  I feel the best one, for the product and purpose, is the third comp.  However, if I were to re-do this project, I would likely go in a different direction.  Anywho, this is just a project from a class last semester that I thought I would post.



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