Animator / Designer book

This was a project that I did last year for both a grad class and for my students.  In this project, I did a layout design for (ideally) a book comprised of 3 Animators and 3 Graphic Designers.  The finished product would contain a small section on each Animator and Designer, including a bio page on each person (right now it just has place holder text).   In addition, the book would contain 6 “tip-in” posters (posters stapled into the binding of the book) for each person.  These inserted posters are included in the PDF layout design.

Here is PDF of the book/layout: Animator/Designer book (it is a big file, so give it a minute)

I utilized the posters for my classrooms where I teach.  I printed all six, framed them, and they are up in our “showcase” Design lab.  The posters:





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