“Recovery” posters

I did this as part of a project for a Grad design class.  There are 10 posters in total, but I am only displaying a few here.  My concept was to take the Anonymous out of Alcoholics Anonymous for the purposes of promoting recovery.  I was thinking how much celebrities of all kinds are role models.  With those “in recovery” celebrities, it is not widely publicized that they;

a. are/were addicts

b. worked a recovery or treatment program

c. are sober

With those things in mind, the purpose of these posters was for bus stop poster size (around 48″ x 70″), so the portraits would be larger than life.  The size of the portraits would create an unusual scale, highlight the importance of the celebrity, and make the type large and readable.  The composition is utilizing the rule of thirds to line up an eye on the top left corner of the “thirds” square.  I chose yellow as the highlight color as it is both a caution color and a warm / inviting color.  I chose simple sans serif fonts (Helvetica / Popular Standard Black) to not conflict with the power of the photograph.

My hope is that the posters serve as both a warning about the dangers of alcohol / drug abuse and to promote recovery to those that have alcohol / drug addiction issues.





3 thoughts on ““Recovery” posters

  1. Is there a way that I could get a copy of these to put up in the treatment agency that I work for?

    • Hi Torrie, thank you for your interest. I created these posters as part for a school project so I do not own the copyrights to any of the images. However, I can provide you with some large resolution files of these posters if they are purely for your personal use. I would need an email address to send them to, they were originally formatted to print at 11″ x 17″, but they could be printed larger.

  2. HI Kevin, is there a way that I could get a copy of them as well? I think they are fantastic in the theme/topic, and a clear and simple way to show recovery. You did a great job. Maja

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