“For Saint Rita” – work in progress

Right now I am working on a piece in my “Ex-Voto” series.  I have been calling these works “Ex-Votos” (Wikipedia on Ex-Votos: Ex Votos), but they really have evolved from my original intentions to a slightly different concept.  A better name for this would be; “the sinner/saint series”, but, I think I will stick to “Ex-Votos” for now.

Anywho, this is a work in progress titled “For Saint Rita”.  So far, I have completed the drawing, and completed the layout in Photoshop.  The next step is the long process printing, cutting, and collaging everything together to make the physical piece.  Right now, it only exists (put together) as a digital file.

For Saint Rita

For Saint Rita

For explanations on the work, I have decided to keep my concepts for the individual works mainly to myself.  Generally speaking, with works from this series, the images tell the main subject’s story.  The collaged images, the animal overlays, even the textures that make up the hair and clothing are part of the subjects story.  The subjects stories all focus on addiction recovery.  They all tell the story of the subject’s addiction, the experience that led to their addiction, their recovery, and the experiences that led to/ or help them stay in recovery.

Update, finished version, and changed the name to For St. Germaine Cousin:

For St. Germaine Cousin, Patron Saint of Child Abuse

For St. Germaine Cousin, Patron Saint of Child Abuse




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