Religious Paintings with a Modern Twist, Part II

To follow-up my last post (Religious Paintings with a Modern Twist – this post has an explanation of my conceptual ideas / themes for this small series, if your interested) here is part II.  The topic for this work is my version of Mary Magdalene:

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene
































Mary Magdalene


Mixed Media on Wood

For media, I utilized; spray paint / acrylics with Photoshopped / collaged pictures in the the background, Mary Magdalene is acrylic / color pencil / marker on paper, and the flowers are acrylic / paint markers.

With my interpretation of Mary Magdalene, I wanted to focus on two things.  1. The duality of her persona.  That she is both a sinner and saint.  She functions as a female icon of faith and as one of the most famous prostitutes of all time.  In my interpretation, although she is a saint and a holy figure, she is still a product of her past. 2. Her story post-Christ.  For a quick version, after Christ died, she left all of her possessions behind (including her clothes) and went to live in the forest as a hermit.  One of her miracles, her hair grew so long it covered her body to protect her from the elements (or, in some accounts hair grew from her body like fur).

Also, I used the following works as my inspiration for the piece:

Donatello’s sculpture of Mary Magdalene:

Mary Magdalen

and a sculpture of Mary Magdalene from Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist in Torun, Poland:

Torun_SS_Johns_Mary_Magdalene_01 small


One more in the series coming soon!



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