Religious Paintings with a Modern Twist

So, late in 2013 my art fixation of the moment was Christian art from the middle ages into the Renaissance.  I became fascinated with the stories and iconography of the Catholic Saints.  To me, many seem like mythology and legend, which is only further exaggerated through the images of those times.  As a result, I did a small series of modern interpretations on stories and images from Christian / Catholic history. In an effort to re-interpret these images I put a modern spin / mythology into my depictions.  I tried to make them almost comic-book like in the visual narrative (as comic books are just our modern mythology).  I envisioned these Saints (and their stories) as modern day superheroes.    I completed 3 paintings in this series.  Here is the first one, The Temptation of Saint Anthony:

The Temptation of St. Anthony

The Temptation of St. Anthony































The Temptation of Saint Anthony


Mixed Media on Wood



The work is a combination of; spray paint / acrylics with Photoshopped / collaged pictures in the the background, St. Anthony is acrylic / color pencil / marker on paper, and the birds are acrylic / paint markers.  Sorry about the glare in the photo, I use heavy Gloss Medium, so this work is really shiny and reflective.

There is a lot going on in this image in relation to the story of Saint Anthony and my interpretation.  Here is a short synopsis, without re-telling his story as well as my depiction:

Birds= demonic visions

Collaged Neon signs= Las Vegas =desert

St.Anthony = aspects of the DC hero “The Specter”

Also, I used the following works as my inspiration for the piece:

Grunewald’s, “The Temptation of Saint Anthony”


and Michelangelo’s “The Torment of Saint Anthony”


The other two to be posted soon!



2 thoughts on “Religious Paintings with a Modern Twist

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