Inspiring Artist Quotes Book

When my daughter was turning 1 years old, I decided to make her a book for her birthday. In doing this book, my goal was to create something that was ageless. Something that she could look at as a child or an adult and still get something from it. So, I did a book of famous artist quotes and their corresponding artwork.
My line of thinking was;
A. Hopefully, she enjoys art (specifically painting), through her life and thus will enjoy this book throughout her life.
B. As she gets older, the quotes will take on different meanings (even if she winds up not being an art enthusiast).
and C. That it teaches her a little bit about art history.

I wound up making an alternative version for my daughter only because I utilized Snapfish to print (Snapfish had some limitations).  And, of course I removed all the lorem ipsum (place holder text for those that don’t know) in the final version.  I call it 25: Art, for two reasons; 1. there are 25 artists / quotes, 2. I plan on making more in other areas (25: Music, 25: Dance, etc.).  So, for all to enjoy in viewing (not for publication, if you are interested in a hard copy version, please contact me), here is a version my little art quote book:

art quote book

It is a decent size file, so please be patient for loading. Also, the citations are at the end.


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