Image editing / photo manipulation

Recently, I was discussing with my students the use of image editing (i.e.- Photoshop) for print projects.  Meaning, re-touching of photos for advertisements.  Often, I find many students do not understand the level, amount, and capabilities that Photoshop can have in this area.

Over the years, I have done image editing for both professional and educational purposes.  I thought I would post some before and after pictures in both the minor edits and more extreme versions (the extreme examples were done as class examples to show how far “Photoshoping” can go.

Minor edits (mostly work done for clients):


Removal of construction, addition of grass, very old (2000)


Removal of Gazebo in the background


Removal of unusual arm position (I blocked out the eyes and cropped as this was a private family picture)

CTAadjust copy copy

Removal of ladder in the track area


Removal of people in the background / change of middle persons head


Photo restoration

Extreme Edits (done as class examples):

girl model

Really old one, 2006


Picture of a girl I found on the internet


Another pic found internet image


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