Around two weeks ago, my dog GiGi died.  GiGi was an all black Bouvier des Flandres.  For those not familiar with the breed, basically a large and furry sheepdog.   I never had a dog as a kid, I became very attached to GiGi, I often referred to her as “my girl”.  She was my family’s watchdog, protector, friend, and companion.  She will be greatly missed by our family, especially me.

We adopted GiGi through a rescue fondation, when she came to live with us the foundation speculated she was around 3 years old.  This week I was going through files of old artwork and came across this sketch:


It is my conception of what GiGi may have looked like as a puppy, as I never got to see her as a puppy.  I did this sketch around 6 or 7 years ago as the dog and I were sitting on our back deck.  The media is black colored pencil on general sketch paper.

I may do a full piece in tribute to GiGi as I am still feeling the loss and would like to do something special in remembrance of her.  But, for right now, it was nice to run across this old sketch.




2000? to 6-6-2013

(the “featured image” for this post is GiGi around 2008, after a bath)


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