“Monster In My House”, photography / image manipulation work

This work is a piece about child abuse.  Similar to my other works, it is a visual narrative.  The narrative is of a father and daughter relationship.  I am utilizing a sequential series of images.  The daughter is desperate for her father’s attention.  When the father does give her attention, it is not a positive interaction and the father takes out his personal frustrations on the child.  Also, I was trying to relate the unconditional love children feel for their parents at that age.   That even though this man is a “monster”, the child still wants his attention.  Unlike my other works, I am utilizing just photography (photos were taken by Autumn Connaughton) and heavy image manipulation via Photoshop.  I tried to stress the ugliness of the father with a cool color scheme and use of Photoshop filters to make him appear “ugly”.  The child is in a warm color scheme and very little is done in the form of filters.

On a side note, I used myself and my daughter as the “models” in this work.  I found the experience quite disturbing.  Even now, I have a hard time looking at these images.  I could not imagine treating my child like this, or acting like this.  Hopefully, others find this work as disturbing as I do, as that is the point of this piece.  It is an ugly and disturbing subject, I set out to create ugly and disturbing images.

Monster In My House

KMC (Kevin Connaughton) & Autumn Connaughton


Photography / Image manipulation

150″ x 18″


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