Process: “I Feel Fine” from the Outsider Series

In digging through my sketchbooks for this blog, I found numerous sketches for various works.  I hope to post several “process” posts with these sketches.  So, here is the first (of possibly several) with sketches.  This work is titled I Feel Fine, it was done for the “Apocalypse 2012 : Genesis 2013” group show at Jackson Junge Gallery in Chicago (and it sold).

Below is the first sketch with the layout and plan for execution.  Originally, it was titled Moms Gonna Fix It All, but I changed the name (I often change the names).


From here, I go on to the main figure. I often ink my sketches to figure out the line work.  Also, sometimes I use a projector to get my sketches onto the painting; the darker the lines, the easier it is to see on the canvas (or, in this case, on wood):


A detail sketch of the head:


Here is a 75% done photo of the work:


Finally, on to the finished version:


I Feel Fine

KMC (Connaughton, Kevin)


mixed media on wood

15” x 25”




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