Testor Paint Markers

In tooling around the blogosphere and looking at other blogs, I noticed many involved in the arts post product recommendations and what they use.  So, I thought I would make some recommendations myself.  On to my first recommendation:

In a lot of my mixed media paintings, I use paint markers for line work.  Over the years, I have tried numerous paint markers from the cheap ones to the more expensive.  Overall, I always find myself going back to the Testor brand (Testor Paint Markers).  They can be a little difficult to find if you are going to a general hobby / art store (like Hobby Lobby), but I have found them to work really well.  They have good tips which don’t get destroyed when working on rough surface, good color, and a good consistent flow of paint (which is generally my issue with other brands).  The only big drawback is the lack of color choice, they don’t have a wide range of colors.  However, I mainly use white, red, and black, so it has never been a major issue for me.

If you use paint markers and are looking for a recommendation, I like the Testor brand.

From Dick Blick: http://www.dickblick.com/products/testors-enamel-paint-markers/

I used Testor Paint Markers on this piece (this is a detail of “Sex & Violence”, full image of this painting in the Outsider series gallery) :


The Red line work, all the white in this image, and the black line work were with Testor Paint Markers.





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