Process of “For Saint Lufthild” (Part 3)

A continuation from the posts Process of “For Saint Lufthild” (Part 1) and Process of “For Saint Lufthild” (Part 2)

Now on to the surrounding images.  The Halo is a combination of images that are part of the addiciton and part of the recovery.  In the case of this image, the halo is made up of Razor blades (this subject was a cutter), vodka bottles (drinker as well) and the fetuses which are connected to the halo via the umbilical cords (the birth of her child lead her on the path to recovery). The images are heavily edited in Photoshop and created in two solid prints.  The fetuses are put on separate from the rest of the halo, all are then glued together.


The surrounding images tell the story of both the negative influences that lead to the addiction and the positive influences that lead to recovery.  The images are largley from free stock photo sites, cropped, and (again) heavily edited in Photoshop.  They are printed, cut out, pieced together (like a jigsaw puzzle) and glued to a different sheet.  The subject and background are then glued together.  Like in this image:
For the images themselves, you can see the yelling faces and a family portrait with scratched out faces (second image up from the bottom) representing the things that were negative influences.  The video game screenshots (this subject went to school for animation with a dream of working in the video game industry) and the mother / child image represents the positive.  Finally, I add the “ghost images” or “spirit animals”.  Those are the white line drawings of the sparrows (there is three throughout the image).  Finishing touches / matting and you get the end result:
And that’s the end, a finished piece.

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