Process of “For Saint Lufthild” (Part 2)

A continuation from “Process of “For Saint Lufthild” (Part 1)

On completion of the drawing, I now start to add the collage elements to the figure.  The collage elements on the figure are texture sheets, created in Photoshop, cut out, and pasted to the image.  For example, in this work I used a lace texture for the clothes and a dry cracked mud texture for the hair.  I heavily edited both in Photoshop and then printed out a full page of the texture on Cardstock.  At this point, I draw all my shapes on the paper (based on the shapes defined in the sketch), cut them out, and glue all the little pieces into place, finishing the figure.


From there, I trace I cut the complete figure out and it is on to the creation of the surrounding images. (Part 3)


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