“Abstract Expressionism” Gallery

This is an old body of work.  When I was in my undergraduate, I was very into Pollock and Picasso.  As a result, I formed my “style” by creating a combination of the two (with a touch of Mirò).  I find that most undergraduates try to create works that are based on their favorite artists (it takes awhile to truly find your own voice), I was no different.  In style, I used the Picasso method of starting from life, then breaking down or abstracting the image.  I used Pollock’s method of execution, a more controlled form of action painting; drips, line, splatter, layers, lots of paint.  The media is mixed, but mostly acrylic paint.  I don’t generally paint like this anymore, except for the rare occasion.  However, there is a certain experience you get from painting “in the moment” and approaching the work with very little plan, just letting feeling and emotion drive the piece.


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