Welcome to the official blog / portfolio of KMC, otherwise known as Kevin Michael Connaughton (for my latest posts, click the blog page).  I am an artist, designer, student, and teacher; I am a visual communicator.  Over the years, I have shown my work in various galleries, worked as a professional Graphic Designer (both as an in-house and a freelancer), and taught art/design at the college and high school level.  Through these artistic enterprises, I have gained experience in almost everything visual; from film to sculpture to web design.  If it is related to the visual arts, I have likely done it.

In this site, I have current and past works.  I am posting completed pieces, works in progress, my methods/techniques, product recommendations, and other art related topics.

In terms of style, if you look through the galleries and posts, I approach each new body of work differently.  However, there are a few constants; my use of color, an overwhelming use of space (even this site is a little visually overwhelming), and texture.  In terms of content, I have found that my work often delves into areas that some might find questionable.  However, if you look beyond the face value of the imagery, you will find that I am making commentaries on certain aspects of the human condition.  I don’t want any images in my work to be seen as condoning, promoting, or condemning any particular behavior.  Rather, I pick or create images that best convey the concepts, are direct in their visual understanding, and fit the composition.  In any case, I hope you enjoy the work.  If you do or don’t, feel free to comment or let me know.

For my portfolios, please see the portfolio page.

If you are interested in purchasing any pieces, please message, e-mail, comment and let me know.

If you are interested in knowing more about my professional experience/history, please visit my LinkedIn page:

Kevin Connaughton LinkedIn.

This is my general contact information if you wish to reach me outside of this blog site:

Kevin Connaughton (KMC)
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.connaughton.1

I am in the Chicago area



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