For Saint Angela of Foligno (work in progress)

I am currently working on a piece for my Ex-Voto series.  It is/will be titled “For Saint Angela of Foligno”, the patron saint against Sexual Temptation.  I am not going to get into the conceptual elements in this post, rather I thought would post some progress/process images.  Sorry about the image quality, I took these photos with my phone.

Some images of the printed, cut out, pre-collaged, digitally manipulated photos (not my photos, all are “appropriated”):

These photos then get collaged into the background image (collaging in progress):


Eventually, the background gets fully put together first.  The red area is the halo where the head of the figure will be located.

The drawing (graphite) is complete:


The blocked out areas will be collaged with cut out pieces from the texture sheets (the red print-outs of the flag and the wood texture).

A tracing is made to create a transfer sheet to the texture pages for cutting:


And that is where I am at so far.

Still left: complete the tracings / transfer / cutting / glueing of the textures.  Cut out the pencil drawing.  Mount the figure to the background.  Refine the drawing and add outlines to the key areas of the collage.  Create and add animal line drawings to over the top of the image.  Finalize / refine any other areas.

As I get through the rest, I will post the second half of the process.

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